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Satellite antenna

  • Automatic switch from 4G to Wi-Fi on registered networks to limit 4G charges
  • Android and iOS APP for easy control
  • Multi-user device access up to 32 users devices
  • LTE4G up to 100Mbps in download
  • Four Ethernet ports
  • 2 Diversity with high performance antennas
  • Easy installation required only with power supply connetion 12DV/24DV
Données techniques:

Frequency :AM: 520-1719 KHz / FM: 88-108MHz
VHF: 87.5-230MHz / UHF: 470-790MHz

Receiving range :VHF/UHF

Gain :28dB

Noise :<4.5dB

Power supply :DC12V/24V

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